Alan Gowdy

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“The greatest thing since sliced bread.”  Fred Hovis 

“This book will change your life. I’d even go as far as saying it’s life changing.”  Nestor Taybells

“Don’t read this with the lights out. It will scare you witless. That’s at night of course. When it’s dark.”  Tilda Rice-Paper

“It compares not unfavourably with certain other books of a similar, though perhaps not identical, nature in some respects I would say, all things considered. But that’s just my opinion.”  Prof. Arthur Mow

“I laughed so much I soiled my pants.”  Fanny Boulder

“Forget those boring cookbooks. You’ll never make more than a couple of the recipes and even then you’ll get indigestion because you misread the ingredients. Buy this instead - it’s a ripping yarn.”  Nigella Oliver 

“Amazing - and all for the price of a modest round of drinks in the pub or a couple of gallons of petrol. How do they do it?”  Ebenezer Scrooge

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